Wow, just when I didn’t think politicians could show any less concern for those of us they are supposed to be representing and protecting.

Ok, this is just a little side rant of mine.  I’m sure most of you are well aware of the political drama over the last few weeks in regards to the “fiscal cliff” we were about to be diving over here in the U.S.  And as if that weren’t enough, the good ol’ Republicans decided to hold off on voting for a relief fund for the Hurricane Sandy folks who are still totally displaced, because really, like those folks need any kind of help or housing or anything.  I’m sure they are perfectly happy up there in the northeast living out of cars in the middle of winter.  Well, there’s one little thing that I somehow had totally missed hearing about until today.  It seems that the GOP decided that the Violence Against Women Act was totally unnecessary and not even worth voting on to keep it alive.

Oh yeah, you read that right.  It was supposed to go up for a vote, and it has passed and been extended for 18 years without any problem whatsoever.  This year, however, the Republicans apparently decided that because it was recently updated to include groups like the LGBT community, immigrants and Native Americans, that they didn’t just want to try to vote it down, they decided to not let anyone vote on it at all.  And so thanks to our great Overlords, the Act has officially expired.  The added protection and funding is now officially gone for all women who are victims of domestic violence.

As most of you know, the whole legal process for victims of domestic violence is a pretty touchy subject with me.  From my own experiences and from all of the stories I’ve heard and read about from other victims and the media, the laws were already severely lacking in this area.  And that was with the VAWA intact!!  Well, God help us all now.  As far as I’m concerned, this atrocity only highlights even more what the right-wing of the GOP (not the whole party, just the right-wing nuts) truly thinks the rights of women should be under their tyranny.

Now there is actually an upside to this.  While the existing bill may now be dead, the new Congress will be coming in and there are those who will try to rebuild it.  Like all bills, this one did have its flaws, and perhaps a rewrite could help reduce some of those flaws or make it more rounded.  While I’m all for doing what we can to protect women against violence, women are not the only victims out there.  Domestic violence can and does go both ways.  Maybe the next bill should be more of a non-gender specific anti-domestic violence bill that will help all victims of violence.  Well, we can only hope.


Companies think we are idiots

Ok, so this isn’t really a newsflash.  But it was something that I thought about just the other day while looking at some of the new plans with my cell phone company.

As you all know, my son is 14.  He has been showing a lot of responsibility (maybe still lacking a little in the school department a little) and has been making an effort to go at least a little beyond what I ask him to do during the day.  Example, I asked him to pick up the kitchen.  When I got home, not only had he cleaned the kitchen (even wiped down the counters!), but he had also straightened up the dining table (which is where we generally just toss things) and the coffee table.  Sure he still lacks in some areas, but he is making an effort to improve.

And like most younger people these days, our house is a cell phone only house.  I currently have a smartphone and my son just has a basic multimedia phone.  He would love to get a smartphone when his line is due for an upgrade, mostly because he would be able to get all those goofy apps and be able to play games or listen to Pandora when he’s stuck in the car trekking back and forth from home and his dad’s house.  Well, I’m not unreasonable nor am I a sucker.  I told him I would check into it, because my only real concern over it is the cost of the data plan I’m required to have for a smartphone.

Recently Verizon came out with this share everything plan where you could have just a single data package that’s shared across multiple devices.  Sounds pretty cool right?  I mean, my kid is mostly home and you don’t use your data if you’re connected through wi-fi.  That would mean I would have more data available for me when I’m playing on my phone at work or when I’m out.  Then I looked at the packages.  All I could say was WTF!!!

Ok, let me break it down this way.  I have me and my son on a family plan.  So I pay however much for the plan itself then $10 per line connected to it.  Right now I’m paying $30 a month for my 2GB data package that only applies to my line and $10 for his 75MB data package for his line.  So the way I figured it would work (before looking) was that $30 for 2GB would still apply but could be shared by both of us.  Um, no.  Here’s how it actually is.  To share 2GB with 2 devices, I would be paying $60 a month instead.  Yeah, you read that right, now do the math.  That’s twice as much for the same amount of data so that 2 people could use it, which means I would actually have less data I could use.  If I went with the 4GB plan, it’s $70 a month.  Now let’s say I keep my existing plan, but got him a smartphone and the 2GB package just for his phone.  We would then have 2GB each and it comes to a total of $60.  That’s still $10 less than what they want me to pay for the same amount of data on the share everything plan.  On top of that, I would have to pay an additional $10 for his line if he went to a smartphone.  So that’s now $20 more than if I just stuck with my existing plan after upgrading his phone.  How exactly is this new share everything plan beneficial to me as the consumer?  I get to spend more to get the same products?  I can see how it works out well for the company, they give me the same products and get more money.

So all I can think is that they believe all their customers are smoking crack or something and that we are not capable of doing even simple math.   I gotta say, I find it a bit offensive!  As for upgrading my kids phone, I’ll probably do it and I’ll be sticking with my current plan.  I will have to pay an extra $20 to bump his data package up, but I definitely have no intention of paying another $20 over that just so we can “share” the data.  Maybe it would be more worthwhile if we had several devices, but since we don’t I guess I’ll never know.  I should thank my folks for teaching me to dig deeper when a deal sounds a little too good!

Enough is Enough

Ok, I was trying to stay away from getting too much into this dumbass political battle over the presidency, but I can’t help myself, I have to say something.

This post-election crap has officially gone way beyond too fucking far.  I mean, seriously, this fucking country is full of a bunch of whiny cry-babies!  I get it, there are those people who really hate Obama in office.  I could care less.  We only had 2 fucking choices and I really doubt Romney would be any better.  Let’s break this down to a few of the basics, shall we?

  • Obama inherited (yes, that’s right, inherited, not created people!!) an economy spiralling into a horrible recession that was on the verge of a depression numerous times
  • The “people” demanded the government bail out the dumbass banks – so he did
  • The “people” demanded the government lend a helping hand to the “people” via $$$$ – so he did
  • The “people” have been demanding forever that the government do an overhaul on our lousy healthcare system – (and let me just add, almost every politician promises to do something) – so he fucking did
  • Then the “people” got pissed that he did what they wanted

Ok, so I agree that the bailouts kind of back-fired.  People didn’t use their stimulus’ exactly the way the government expected, big fucking surprise.  The whole Obamacare thing?  Yes, I agree there are parts that are stupid and go too far, but it does have at least some good things in it.  The whole mandatory insurance part is not one of those good things.  That part is stupid.  Unless the government is going to provide free insurance to people who can’t afford it, they shouldn’t fine people for not having it.  And by afford it, I don’t mean selecting an arbitrary gross income amount.  Let people prove on an individual basis if they can’t afford it.  Who cares if I make $1000 a month or $10,000, if my bills eat up 90% of my income, then I may not have enough left to buy private insurance.

Anyway, so this is how stupid everything is getting.  I’m sure most of you have heard these stories, but it just sounds even worse when you think about them all at once.  So apparently the GOP leader in Maine has decided that the “black people” that voted in Maine aren’t valid voters and intends to hunt down the truth himself.  Ok dumbass, you have fun with that.  Then you have some moron in Florida committed suicide over Obama’s win.  Wow, really?  And the dumbest thing I’ve read, there are like 15 states (and by states, I mean just the people in them, not the state governments) that are petitioning the White House to secede from the US.  The state making the biggest splash?  Texas.  Now this is kinda funny.  So they have apparently gotten over 60,000 signatures on their petition, so it’s actually met the and exceeded the # required for a response.  The city of Austin (in Texas), however, apparently does not agree and has put in their own counter petition to secede from Texas so that they can remain a part of the US.  And I read somewhere else that there’s another counter petition against the seceders asking that those who are requesting to have their states seceded should be gently deported.  Quite frankly, I ok with that last one.  Hell, I’m thinking about looking it up and signing the fucker myself!  I mean, seriously, if you are that unhappy with this country, then yeah, pack up your fucking shit and get the hell out of here.  Move to another country.  Get together with other idiots, pool your money, buy a couple of islands and start your own country.  I don’t give a fuck.  Just shut the hell up with your whiny cry-baby pouting and get the fuck out.

One of the worst things though is the fucking businesses.  Some strip club in Las Vegas immediately fired like 20 people the moment Obama was announced as the winner.  Why?  Because he doesn’t want to provide them with health insurance.  And, in my opinion, the biggest cry baby?  PAPA JOHN’S.  Hey!  Papa John’s!!  I really hope you are picking up that I’m using your name in my post, Papa John’s.  Because you have officially lost me as a customer from now on, Papa John’s.  I will never purchase from you again and I will recommend to everyone that I know to never buy anything from you again either, Papa John’s.  In a total dick move, good old Papa John’s not only raised their pizza prices to cover the additional costs of Obamacare, he also decided to cut people’s hours to less than 30 a week so he won’t have to get anyone health insurance.  Wait, so then why does he want his pizza prices to go up?  The best part?  Forbes apparently did an article trying to figure out his math.  Apparently Papa John’s figures the healthcare would have cost him like $5-8 million.  Way more than he’s willing to shill out.  But he’s such a generous fucking guy, that he’s willing to give away $24-32 million in free pizzas in this years giveaway.  If you’re sitting there scratching your head, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  As for him wanting to cheat his employees out of insurance, whatever, that’s his right.  The fact that he’s choosing to publicize and politicize that he doesn’t want to give his hard-working employees health coverage just makes him a total dick.

Me, I still love my country.  I will never agree with everything any president does.  I will always feel confident that all high-ranking politicians have long since been bought by some special interest group (or groups).  I will always believe that 99% of politicians that have been in office for years are completely out of touch with the people they claim to represent (if they were ever in touch with us lowly peons).

The fact is government sucks.  It always will regardless of who is in office.  Democrats over-regulate the hell out of things and stick their noses into our personal lives way too much.  But Republicans are no better.  They want to deregulate the hell out of everything and then they are surprised when the economy blows itself up because the greedy ass rich people were free to do anything they wanted.

So I say we should just round-up all these stupid cry babies who seem to think that this country would be better off with no government intervention.  We send them all to some desert island all by themselves and give them exactly what they want.  Let’s just sit back and watch and see how long it takes for them to figure out that what they think they want will actually fuck them and say good riddance.

Damn politicians!

Well it’s definitely clear that elections are just around the corner.  I can’t wait for election day to be over already!

These damn politicians are making headlines left and right with all of the stupidity that spills out of their mouths.  You would think, being that they have to speak publicly so often, that they might put a little thought into their comments before making them in public.  Especially during a debate.  No, not talking about the stupid presidential debates (although I have gotten a kick out of the meme’s those have created).

Ok, we all know my stance on Todd Akin (is he even still in the running?) and his whole “women can’t get pregnant from a legitimate rape” comment.  Now we have a new dumbass spewing his idiotic views on rape and resulting pregnancies.  Mr. Richard Mourdock, an Indiana Republican running for the Senate.

Ok, here’s his lovely quote:

“I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And, I think, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen”

Now, apparently this was prefaced with a question about his views on abortion in instances of rape, incest and the life of the mother.  He apparently did make a comment about being ok with abortion in cases of the life of the mother being in danger (what a nice guy!), so I will give him some credit for that.  Any of you who have been following me or have read a lot of my past posts know that I am 100% PRO-CHOICE.  I am not pro-abortion, I believe there are a lot of alternatives that could and should be explored, but I firmly believe a woman should be allowed to CHOOSE.  I especially believe in choice in cases of rape, incest and life/health of mother.

Now, from what I’ve been reading today, this guys words have really been twisted.  There are some out there twisting it to make it sound like Mourdock is saying that God intended the rape to happen.  Let me clarify, I do not in any way believe that was anywhere close to what he meant.  But I still take strong offense to his comment.  His comment clearly indicates that he feels rape is a heinous crime and a horrible situation for a woman to ever have to live through.  What I take offense to is his view of a resulting pregnancy.

First off, let me just say that I am not overly religious.  In fact, I am really not religious at all.  Yes, I do believe there is something more out there, I just don’t believe that there is a God out there that steps in on all bad situations to stop things from happening to good people.  Why?  Because I live in the real world and read the news.  I mean really?  God is going to be worried about keeping a woman from getting pregnant from rape but do nothing to prevent the rape itself?  He’s going to be more concerned with some scumbags sperm than protecting that poor 10-year-old Colorado girl who was murdered and dismembered?  Pregnancy is a biological issue, not a religious one.  Sheesh.

Anyway, here’s my issue with this.  When a woman is raped and ends up pregnant because of it, one of two things is likely to happen in her mind.  She’s going to want to choose to have the child (whether she’s keeping it or putting it up for adoption) because she feels that the life that was created, regardless of the circumstance, and she believes that life should have the chance to exist.  Or she will find that she is not mentally capable of carrying the reminder of the most horrific experience of her life and being reminded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the next 9 months of what was done to her.  In the case of the latter, that woman knows that the only way for her not to endure further mental trauma that could cause irrevocable damage to her well-being, she needs to choose to not continue the pregnancy.  What do both of these scenarios have in common?  CHOICE.

And no old, rich, white guy should be making that CHOICE for me or any other woman out there.  No government should be making that CHOICE.  Unless they personally sit down with each and every woman who contemplates a CHOICE to find out the exact circumstances and her personal state of mind, they have no place in saying what is right or not right for any woman considering any choice over her own body.

I know there are plenty of folks out there who may not agree with my pro-choice stance, but I don’t agree with a bunch of old guys telling me that as a woman I’m not allowed to have choices when it comes to my own body.  This country is built on freedom of choice.  We get to choose what we drive, where we live, who we are friends with, what we want to eat, what kind of jobs we take, etc., etc., etc.  And yet there are those who would like nothing more than to strip women of their freedom of choice.  I say they can all go to Hell!

In awe!

Many of you already know my stance on being pro-choice.  I strongly believe in a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body.

So if any of you have read any headlines the couple of days, I’m so sure that you’ve seen this whole thing that’s come up with Todd Akin from Missouri.  If you have not read anything on it, PLEASE CLICK HERE!!!  If you want a summary based on my interpretation, read on.

This man made the following statement:

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors, [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

I don’t give a fuck that he has apologized.  This statement showed his true colors and if anyone votes for him after this, they think very lowly of women and don’t believe rape actually happens.  Reading the stories on this made my blood boil, my heart pound out of my chest and my hands shake from the anger I felt.  The way I read this statement (and others read it the same way, I know I wasn’t alone) is that women who “claim” to be pregnant from a rape are just trying to make an excuse so that they can get an abortion without being condemned.  After all, we women have such awesome control over our body that we can actually control whether we will allow our bodies to conceive a child or not.

He is not pro-life.  He is not anti-abortion.  He is anti-choice, pure and simple.  He is just another in a growing line trying to take away women’s rights and set us back 40 years.  I personally completely agree with all those who are calling for him to remove his name from the ballot.  If this man gets into office, who knows how many more rights he will try to take away from women.


I’m sure most, if not all, of you have heard the saying “when you ‘assume’ you make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me'”.   I know, corny play on the spelling of the word, lol.

Despite that, I am as guilty as the next person to make the occasional assumption about things.  But I do try to limit how often I do that, and I would generally prefer to ask a simple question to verify rather than just assume and later find out I was wrong.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who make assumptions on a constant basis.

I realized this is what R does on a pretty much daily basis.  On Tuesday he texted that he wanted to go get a tattoo.  Ok, cool.  I asked if he was planning on doing it that day and he said that he was thinking about it.  Ok, so on with his spending spree, have fun with that.  Oh, by the way, when do you think you’ll be able to pay me rent for this month?  It took a couple of hours before he finally answered back that it would be this week.  So when he comes home after work, I ask how come he didn’t go get his tat?  He said he didn’t go because I didn’t seem like I really wanted to go and he wouldn’t just go without me.  Wait.  What?  Did I miss him asking if I wanted to go with him?  No, he never asked that.  And it dawned on me.  The same thing happened with the gun show.  He said he wanted to go and a while later he asked if I was about ready to go.  I had no idea I had even been invited to go with him!  So what did I learn?  If he makes a point of telling me he wants to go do something, that is his way of saying “I want to go do this, do you want to go with me?”  He just assumes that saying he wants to do something is the same as asking me to do it with him.

So that made me think about how my actions could be misinterpreted due to someone making an assumption.

–  I like to cook, I really do enjoy it.  And I enjoy grilling.  When someone is hanging around a lot (or staying with me), I will volunteer to cook a lot to begin with.  I want to show them what I can do and I feel really good when they enjoy what I’ve made.  Misinterpretation: I love doing all the cooking and don’t want anyone else trying to take over my kitchen at any time.

– I don’t see the point in doing more than is necessary.  Example, laundry.  With someone staying with me, it seems silly (and a waste of my money on water and electric bills) to do 2 small separate loads instead of a single load.  When R first got here, he offered to do his own laundry and I made the point of it being silly and offered that it could all be thrown into a single load.  Misinterpretation:  I love doing laundry and I’m ok with being left to wash, fold and put away everyone’s laundry by myself.

– Cleaning.  I am not a fanatic about cleaning on a daily basis, but I do have a relatively short tolerance for just how dirty is too dirty.  I often find myself looking at the kitchen counter full of dishes or dog hair accumulating on the floor, and even if I’m in the middle of watching a show I really like, I will just get up and do some cleaning because it will start bugging me too much to just leave it, even for 5 more minutes.  Yeah, I admit it, I’m slightly OCD.  Misinterpretation:  I love cleaning and because I can be so particular, I don’t want any help from anyone, I want to do all the cleaning myself.

– I really enjoy being able to do things for myself.  I really hate having to always rely on someone else to do things for me.  And let’s be honest, for the number of years that I have lived alone and had no one to give me help, I got used to doing a lot of things on my own.  Doing stuff around my house for example, I’m really enjoying learning how to do things and being able to do them myself, but I also know I have limitations.  Plus some things are just really hard to do alone.  The fact is, I’m ok with asking for help.  But I’m also stubborn (I know! Shocker!!) and I refuse to ask more than twice as I feel that borders on begging.  Considering I wouldn’t even beg for my life when the ex was literally holding it in his hand (I actually told him to do his worst and just be done with it), I’ll be damned if I’m going to beg anyone to help me carry something just because it’s a little heavy for me.  Misinterpretation:  If I won’t ask for help more than once or twice, then I really don’t want the help.  I would much rather cause myself excruciating pain than ask for help and seem needy.

Ok, I could give a lot more examples (my mind has been running over all kinds of scenarios for the last few days) but I think I’ve pretty much made my point here.  Assuming is a very dangerous thing and should be done with a lot of caution.  Even if you’re pretty sure you’re right, just swallow your fucking pride and ask a simple question to make sure.  If you don’t, you could wind up losing someone very important in your life.