Deed is done

Yes, it’s done. I was planning to meet him for drinks after work, but instead he pushed the why and asked, through text, if it was over. I didn’t lie, I told him yes.

As I figured, he was hurt and upset about it. He didn’t understand why and I really didn’t know quite how to explain it. I was honest and told him it was in part things he had done. And that it was also me, I just wasn’t really comfortable anymore, and it wasn’t fair to either of us to keep going. He didn’t agree but accepted it.

I feel 100 times better now that it’s over and feel like I can breathe again.


2 thoughts on “Deed is done

  1. Deep down he must have had an inkling that it was over if he was pushing for the reason behind meeting for drinks. Well done for taking the difficult step and making yourself feel so much better.

    • Yep, he said he knew it was coming cuz I’d been so distant, he just didn’t understand why. Over now though and ready to keep moving forward with my life 🙂

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