It’s hard

It really is hard when you know you need to end something. Timing never seems to be right.

I’m struggling right now with how to end things with A. I have no doubt that it needs to be over. I can’t do it through a text though, way too tacky. I can’t do it on pool nights either. I do it at the beginning of the night, that’s just mean. “Hey, I don’t want to date you anymore, good luck with your match!” Yeah, not cool. At the end of the night? That’s not nice either. Both of us tired and been drinking some, gotta work the next day, and deal with him crying for who knows how long? Nope. But damn it, I don’t want him coming over this weekend either. I want it to be over!

What to do.


2 thoughts on “It’s hard

  1. It will be hard anytime to tell him… and the longer you worry over it the harder it will be… there is no right time for this, no perfect moment when it will slip into place… if you want it ended then you must end it sooner rather than later.

    Sorry if this is blunt, jadedheart but you did ask x

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